19. Dec, 2014


                                           A SEASONAL MESSAGE 


A teenaged girl falls pregnant. In her confusion, she receives the assurance that everything will be ok. Mary, Jesus' mother is the teenager. Her life so far had taught her to accept the best and the worst. By faith, Mary accepts this pregnancy as the best.

Faith is an interesting concept. Does it belong only to the realm of religion? Society in general combines the two together, faith and religion. Realistically speaking they can exist independently. Faith is the ingredient in our lives that gives us the push to do something. 

A sad part of our faith life is that we expect a miracle in our life. Miracles are not meant to happen for everyone. That does  not mean our faith is in vain if we have not experienced a miralcle. Today miraces are money makers' tools. Jesus did not perform any miracle to make money. A faith without a miracle experience will last forever.

Faith is a personal thing. Faith is not a collective thing. Once we regard faith as a collective thing then it becomes a commodity. We are then forced to open our cheque-books. Our faith can survive without our cheque-books or our bankcards. If God is our object of faith, then that God can survive without our bankcards. 

A self-search is a good foundation of any faith. Before we throw away any faith, we need to ask ourselves one question, do we trust ourselves, do we have faith in ourselves? Whatever our condition, we are valuable human beings. Our parents did not create us as doormats. They brought us to this world to live valuable human lives.

A litttle girl Mary did not stop her life when she found herself pregnant. She had the assurance of a future and she had faith in herself. She had high hopes for the baby. Her faith did not make her life stagnant. Her faith helped her to move forward. Her faith witnessed history in the making. Does our faith help us to move forward?

MAY WE BE BLESSED                                                   KARIMPINKALA